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Ceiling range (CIRCA)

CIRCA is a comprehensive range of white ceiling accessories, ideal for all project requirements. Tortuous path lampholders enable simple, speedier installation and pre-assembled pendant sets ensure maximum convenience.

Ceiling range (CIRCA)
Full range of lamp holders
and batten holders
Lamp activated range
with increased safety features
BC3 dedicated LED
low-energy lamp & holder range

Core features

Standard Range

  • Full range of lampholders and battenholders
  • T2 rated


Lamp Activated Range

  • Full range of lampholders and battenholders
  • T2 rated
  • Each item incorporates DP switching mechanism
  • No live parts accessible when lamp is removed
  • Tool required to access terminals


BC3 Range

  • The range will accept standard UK size lampshades and require no adjustment
  • BC3 offers a cost effective solution to the developer and contractor
  • The range of lampholders offered meets all the normal requirements for housing - pendant sets, battenholders and angled battenholders
  • Reduced wattage and heat generated by LED means a wider choice of decorative lampshades for the home
  • Lamps are CE marked and meet latest standards
  • Dedicated 3 pin ‘J’ slot lampholders and 3 pin BC lamp bases


The CIRCA ceiling range consists of simple, traditional lamp holders that are ideally suited for use in new residential buildings.


If extra safety is required, Eaton offers its alternative lamp-activated range of lamp holders that will cut off supply once the lamp is removed. This prevents direct contact with live parts when the lamp is removed.


Given the growing demand for more energy-efficient products, Eaton also offers a dedicated lamp holder and LED combination to ensure that only low-energy lamps are used.
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