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Plug-in lighting range (LSC)

Luminaire Supporting Couplers (LSC) complying with BS7001 are recognised as the industry standard interface, offering complete interchangeability with other manufacturers’ products to this standard. Eaton offers both 3 and 4 pin LSC units, with or without cables, and a choice of either Heat Resistant PVC (HR), or Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) cables fitted. Both versions provide considerable benefits for the specifier, contractor and end user. LSC represents a significant advance in the safety and ease of installation of lighting points.

Complete interchangeability is
with interchangeability in line with the BS7001 standard
3 & 4 pin systems
available for the whole range
Lighting distribution units
for speedier installation and easy centralised electrical isolation during maintenance

Core features

The Industry Standard

  • A range for all Commercial, Industrial and Domestic projects
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Cable available in 1, 2 and 3m lengths with HR (Heat Resistant) and LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) options
  • Pre-flexed 3 and 4 pin products with either 0.75mm2 or 1.00mm2 cable
  • High quality, reliable, safe range of products


3 pin system

This version has a wide range of applications in many commercial and industrial environments.  Its technical and design features are supplemented with a full range of plug, outlets, assemblies, pendants and mounting boxes. In use, it provides flexibility for the specifier, easy installation for the contractor and convenience for the end users.


4 pin system

This version has been specifically designed for applications where an extra live conductor is required i.e. emergency lighting. It has all the benefits of the 3 pin system, but the auxiliary live conductor gives greater flexibility in switching capabilities. It can also be used as a time delay trigger mechanism and offers greater control over multi-lamp luminaires.


LDU Multi-outlet Box

The LDU Multi-outlet boxes utilise the LSC ‘plug-in’ lighting interface allowing luminaires to be plugged in, providing safety without isolation of the circuit. The LDU (Lighting Distribution Unit) incorporates LSC outlets which accept both Eaton’s 3 and 4 pin plugs. The 4 pin plug uses the fourth auxiliary socket contact for emergency lighting requirements.


This plug-in lighting range enables the safe disconnection of individual light fittings for easy and time-saving maintenance and replacement


For enhanced flexibility, the range consists of 3 pin and 4 pin options that cover both standard and emergency lighting systems. The range offers complete interchangeability in line with the BS7001 standard.


Thanks to the added benefits of the lighting distribution units (LDUs), which allow for centralised distribution and easy individual isolation of up to 12 lighting circuits, the LSC range saves contractors time and money in any commercial installation.
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