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White moulded range (PREMERA)

The PREMERA White Moulded range offers a modern aesthetically edged styled appearance whilst utilising the well- established UREA material with its inherent MRSA germ protection properties ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. 

against MRSA
on all 2-pole sockets
to DDA - Disability Discrimination Act

Core features

  • High, quality sturdy, thermoset front plates
  • Optional screw cap covers to add the finishing touches
  • New aesthetic design throughout the range
  • High quality thermoplastic base material
  • 9 mm depth front plate provides adequate wiring space in the back box
  • Combination screw-head on all terminal screws enabling quicker, safer termination
  • Large tunnel terminals for good wiring access
  • Clear consistent marking on all bases

A system as flexible as your customers’ requirements



When it comes to home or office electrical wiring accessories, PREMERA offers a simple product solution for complete peace of mind from a premium manufacturer.


The PREMERA range offers products with a wide range of options, to suit different lifestyles and needs. This includes the 13 A socket range with inboard or outboard rockers and a powerful USB outlet / socket combination for modern mobile devices.


PREMERA includes a market-leading modular grid range, offering endless combinations of switching, power and communication options for cases where a standard range will not suffice.
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