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Weatherproof range (PREMERA PROOF)

PREMERA PROOF is a range of weatherproof accessories offering IP66 protection for outdoor or more arduous environments. The range provides extensive combinations by utilising the 1 and 2 gang IP66 enclosures whilst delivering on aesthetic appeal.

Weatherproof range PREMERA PROOF
Weatherproof accessories
protection up to IP66
1 & 2 gang enclosures
for fitting most standard accessories
10 & 20 AX switches
with neon options

Core features

  • A new range of weatherproof accessories offering protection up to IP66
  • The 1 and 2 gang IP66 enclosures allows for an extensive range of combinations
  • Protection for outdoor or more arduous environments


PREMERA PROOF offers a straightforward and simple solution to address the growing outdoor use of electrical appliances. This range offers protection up to IP66.


Be it for general garden use or for factory areas that need to be washed down regularly, PREMERA PROOF is flexible enough to cater to any application.


Since the IP66 enclosures can accommodate virtually any PREMERA wiring accessories, the range can be creatively adapted to a wide variety of different applications.
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