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SIHA PROFERM Fit yeast nutrient is a 100% organic yeast nutrient preparation with specially treated yeast cell wall extracts and the addition of Vitamin B1. This yeast nutrient increases the anti-oxidant capacity and improves the protection against oxidation and therefore the longevity of the wines. It is recommended for wines with a tendency for high coloring and formation of reductive aroma notes during fermentation.

100% inactive yeast preparation enriched with amino acids + tripeptide for protection against oxidation
Suitable for
Reductive wine production
max. 3.3 lb/1,000 gal
(40 g/hl)

Core features

  • 100% organic yeast nutrient preparation
  • Strong anti-oxidant characteristics through peptide compounds (tripeptides such as Glutathione)
  • Protection against high coloring
  • Improved formation of aromas typical for the variety of grape such as Riesling (2-phenylethanol) and Sauvignon Blanc (3-mercaptohexan-1-ol acetate (3-MHA))
  • Supports the storage potential of wines
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