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SIHA SpeedFerm

SIHA SpeedFerm yeast nutrient is a special yeast nutrient mixture made from inactive yeasts, containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Optimum yeast nutrition with SIHA SpeedFerm yeast nutrient ensures a safe final degree of fermentation and a higher proportion of living cells up to the end of alcoholic fermentation.

100% inactive yeast preparation for rehydration of active dried yeast for higher cell count + higher cell viability
Suitable for
All juices, all mashes
max. 3.3 lb/1,000 gal
(40 g/hl)

Core features

  • Improves nutrient supplementation after rehydration and during changes in pure yeast temperature prior to alcoholic fermentation
  • Reduces the formation of H2S during alcoholic fermentation
  • Promotes cell reproduction
  • Increases the proportion of active cells during the entire fermentation process up to the end of fermentation
  • Ensures a better final degree of fermentation, particularly during cold fermentation
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