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SIHA Vitamin B1

SIHA Vitamin B1 yeast nutrient is a pure, high dosage thiamine (thiamine dichlorhydrate) to improve the metabolism activity of yeast during alcoholic fermentation.

100% Vitamin B1 for decrease in sulfur-binding substances during alcoholic fermentation
Suitable for
Botrytis grapes
max. 0.005 lb/1,000 gal
(0.6 g/hl)

Core features

  • Improved yeast propagation (increased number of cells)
  • Suppression of the formation of disturbing higher types of alcohol
  • Decreased pyruvic acid (pyruvate) and α-ketoglutarate contents; less SO2
  • Improved final fermentation of difficult-to-ferment grape must
  • Enhance reductive fermentation of fresher and more aromatic wines
  • Enhanced positive effect on the digestibility of wine
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