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SIHA Active Yeast 2

SIHA Active Yeast 2 is a pure, highly active dry yeast concentrate of natural wine yeast from top locations in Rhine-Hessen. This dry active yeast ensures rapid pre-fermentation and safe full fermentation even under adverse conditions. It is therefore also suitable for fermenting musts, mashes and re-diluted fruit juice concentrates.

Saccharomyces yeast species for fast fermentation at difficult fermentation parameters
Suitable for
All grape varieties
17-22 °C, max. 10-15 g/hl

Core features

  • Very rapid pre-fermentation and reliable full fermentation over a wide temperature range
  • Quickly displaces wild yeasts and bacteria, prevents undesirable fermentation by-products
  • Results in aromatic wines with pronounced character (clear type and location bouquet)
  • Easily suspended through stirring = straightforward application
  • Low foaming
  • Low nutrient requirement profile
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