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SIHA Active Yeast 5 (Agglocompact)

SIHA Active Yeast 5 (Agglocompact) is a highly active dry yeast formulated especially for making champagne by fermentation in the bottle or in a fermenting tank. This active dry yeast effects reliable secondary fermentation and compact precipitation of the cells after fermentation in cell clusters (agglomerization). Therefore, it is particularly suitable for making champagne by the “Méthode traditionnelle”. The high agglomerization effect accelerates separation of the yeasts by agitation. Champagne making processes are simplified and production costs are appreciably lowered.

Saccharomyces Bayanus, Strain CH 420 with high agglomerization for sparkling wine production (bottle fermentation)
Suitable for
All grape varieties
> 12 °C, max. 15-30 g/hl

Core features

  • Secondary fermentation soon starts
  • Very good fermentation properties in the cold
  • Formation of a fine champagne bouquet with simultaneous intensification of the typical wine aroma
  • Easy separation of the yeasts by agitation
  • Produces a sparkle with fine bubbles
  • Good properties for re-fermentation and fermentation of wines that have stopped fermenting
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