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SIHA Active Yeast 6 (Distillery Yeast)

SIHA Active Yeast 6 (Distillery Yeast) is a dry, pure culture yeast especially formulated for fermenting fruit, corn and topinambour mashes in distilleries. It guarantees a rapid fermentation start and reliable thorough fermentation even under unfavorable conditions. When added immediately after the mashing process it suppresses unwanted yeasts and bacteria. "Clean" fermentation prevents negative aroma influences through fermentation side products that are unavoidable even in distillation.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Strain DF639 for fast and clean fermentation of mashes in distilleries
Suitable for
Apple, Plum, Williams, Pear, Cherry, Topinambur
12-25 °C, max. 5-15 g/hl

Core features

  • Rapid fermentation start and reliable thorough fermentation
  • Excellent cold fermentation properties
  • Quickly suppresses wild yeast and bacteria, prevents unwanted fermentation side products
  • Reliable fermentation of up to 16% alcohol by vol.
  • High degree of final fermentation, high alcohol yield
  • Negligible frothing
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