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SIHAFERM Plus yeast nutrient is a compound preparation consisting of SIHA Active Yeast and a special yeast nutrient for the fermentation of fruit, grain and Jerusalem artichoke mash in distilleries. It guarantees rapid fermentation activation and reliable ongoing fermentation even under unfavorable conditions. When added immediately after mashing it suppresses the growth of undesirable yeasts and bacteria. This 'clean' fermentation prevents the negative odor effects from fermentation by-products that can be associated with distillation.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae + yeast nutrient for distillery mash fermentation
Suitable for
Fruit, grain and Jerusalem artichoke mash
max. 100-230 g/hl

Core features

  • High sugar and alcohol compatibility
  • Very good cold fermentation properties
  • Counteracts wild yeast and bacteria
  • Very rapid fermentation activation and reliable ongoing fermentation
  • Very low occurrences of undesirable fermentation by-products (e.g. volatile acids)
  • Complete fermentation with optimum alcohol yield
  • High final fermentation level and improved distillate taste
  • Mashes which have ceased fermenting are reactivated and fermentation is completed
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