We make a future with STE[a]M work.*

Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics.

Key to our growth strategy is a continuous supply of current and future talentSTE[a]M skills have a vital role in advancing technologies and improving peoples lives and the environment. By investing in, and inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers and designers we aim to ensure everyone has a chance to learn, develop and unearth the exciting opportunities available to them.

About Eaton's STE[a]M programme

Eaton aims to inspire and engage young people through a variety of initiatives, activities and opportunities.

To achieve this we wish to demonstrate being a model of inclusion and diversity working alongside "early years" people to them explore potential STE[a]M based careers. We wish to do this by:

  1. Informing, educating and inspiring them around educational and future career choices
  2. Provide exciting STE[a]M career opportunities within Eaton

How can we help?


Helping children to select subjects as a foundation

10-16 years old

  • Long term partnerships
  • Employees becoming school governors
  • Teacher training programs
  • School visits
  • Eaton experiment kits

Guiding further education & early career choices

16-20 years old


Starting & developing a career in industry

20-35 years old

  • Eaton Graduate Leadership Program
  • Mentor scheme with STE[a]M career maps
  • Eaton annual STE[a]M conference
  • Sponsor design & manufacture projects in universities
  • University liaison program

From the internet of things to powering the future, discover career paths in STE[a]M

We can only make what matters work with the knowledge and enthusiasm of our employees science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics specialisms from across the globe.

STE[a]M skills are some of the most desirable for companies like Eaton.

Want to learn what career you could have with each at a company like Eaton?

Click on each icon to discover an Eaton employees journey, through the field: how they become inspired, what education they followed, and how their career has developed.

We sent a teddy bear into space, now he visits local schools 

Adam McBride, Senior industrial designer

Partner with Eaton

Whether you are a school teacher trying to inspire the next generation, a university aiming to include real-world projects into traditional degree programs or an individual acting as a mentor. We want to hear from you!