Empowering people with disabilities

Through inspiration, education and support, enABLE in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) empowers us to include and engage people with all physical, mental and emotional abilities.

Empowering ability, not disability

The enABLE Inclusion Eaton Resource Group (iERG) is dedicated to helping our business become a model of inclusion for all physical, mental and emotional abilities.

We’re determined to leave no one behind. Including those with disabilities should be the norm for all our operations. By building supportive communities and empowering human connection, we’re creating a truly caring environment where everyone can do their best work.

Let’s enABLE change

Across EMEA, enABLE empowers us to grow as both individuals and an organization. Its mission is to extend a sustainable and strategic approach to hiring and retaining people with disabilities, in full alignment with our regional business goals. To achieve this, enABLE focuses on three key objectives in close partnership with our local teams:

  • Raising awareness to help everyone understand and accept all forms of disability
  • Driving education about why embracing diverse abilities really matters
  • Empowering local teams to hire and retain people with disabilities

Through programs that raise awareness, empower education and offer local support, enABLE unleashes real opportunities for all those with disabilities.

To help raise disability awareness, enABLE chapters across EMEA regularly host engaging events and communicate clearly during United Nations celebration days throughout the year—including the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, World Braille Day, World Autism Day and more.

To educate and support our local teams, enABLE also designs training and toolkits to help all employees better understand the need to embrace diverse abilities and adapt existing processes. In addition, the group is responsible for creating our code of practice managing disability in the workplace.
I want to give back and help people with disabilities who still suffers various challenges. I am the lucky father of a diverse family (my oldest daughter is disabled, the youngest are twins), I know the power of diversity and it all starts with breaking stigmas!
Gaël, enABLE EMEA leader, Nouan-le-Fuzelier, France

We make what matters work. Sustainably.

As we realize our vision to improve the quality of life and the environment, we believe we should be measured by more than our financial results—we should also be defined by our commitment to the environment, to our workforce and local communities, and to doing business right. These elements are the bedrock of our approach to sustainability.
enABLE empowers everyone to be themselves, ensuring we see people—not disabilities. With brilliant support from our local teams, we’re eroding stigmas, we’re driving inclusion, and we’re creating a more vibrant, diverse and welcoming environment.
Caroline, enABLE EMEA co-lead, Morges, Switzerland
people experience disability globally
people experience disability globally
people participate in our iERGs worldwide
people participate in our iERGs worldwide
Eaton leaders have taken inclusivity training
Eaton leaders have taken inclusivity training

Global effort, local success

Operating worldwide, enABLE is global in scope and local in execution. While our enABLE EMEA chapter is fully integrated with our Global and Regional Inclusion Councils, the group is responsible for identifying and prioritizing local initiatives. Here are just a few recent highlights from the fantastic work of our local teams across EMEA.

An insight into disability

To support the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, our team in Torino, Italy, hosted a special event to help everyone better understand what it’s like to live with a disability. As well as listening to presentations from team members about their own experiences, participants were also given a challenge: make a MOKA coffee while blindfolded! While the results were mixed, and in some cases messy, the contest gave everyone a new perspective on disability. The event left the team more informed, but also more inspired to help make their site even more welcoming and inclusive.
We strive to be a workplace where everyone can be themselves and have the same opportunities to be their best.
Margherita, president, Vehicle Group, EMEA, Torino, Italy

Giving disabled school children room to play

Mujgan-Serkan Karagoz school near Çerkezköy, Turkey, provides crucial care and support to almost two hundred children who have autism, Down's syndrome, or physical disabilities. The school plays an essential role in the local community, helping disabled children become more self-reliant and acquire key life skills.

Supported by the Eaton Charitable Fund, our local team recently renovated the school’s gym—turning the existing space into somewhere bright, airy and well-equipped. All the children love the new gym, which will continue to have a real impact on their quality of life and future development.
This inspiring community project will make a daily difference in the lives of hundreds of kids for many years to come. We all felt incredibly proud to roll up our sleeves and help make this happen.
Yelda, customer support manager, Maslak, Turkey

Building somewhere we all belong

Disabilities shouldn’t be a barrier to following our passions. Our team in Budapest, Hungary, is empowering people with disabilities to build engaging and exciting careers in our Business Service Center. The team has adopted ‘reversed recruitment’—matching candidates with disabilities to the best-fitting job, as well as supporting their ongoing progress.

In November 2019, the team received an ‘Excellence in Belonging’ Gold Award at the annual OPEN Conference for its disability integration program. Not long afterwards, disabled team members also held a fantastic Christmas arts and crafts fair, as well as an exciting treasure hunt—demonstrating just how involved every employee is in life at Eaton Budapest today.
No one should be excluded from the chance to build an engaging and exciting career. We’re deeply committed to creating a more inclusive workplace where everyone matters and belongs.
Kriszta, HR manager, Budapest, Hungary

Committed to making a difference

With more than 9,500 members across 60 countries, our eight iERGs bring together employees who share a common purpose, interest or background. Whichever iERG our employees choose to support, they can play a crucial role in helping us identify priorities, run projects, recruit new talent and drive meaningful change.

Expanding our iERGs is one of our strategic priorities for inclusion and diversity. They are pivotal to helping us embrace the power of many perspectives to drive innovation and sustainable growth that benefits our people, investors, customers and communities.