The impact of electric vehicles on power demand

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities for grid infrastructure and commercial building owners to advance the adoption of electric vehicles.

The tipping point for electric vehicles

By 2030, electric vehicles will make up almost one in three (28%) new car sales worldwide. We are rapidly approaching the tipping point at which electric vehicles will start to become mainstream, thanks to numerous advances in technology, progressive attitudes and government policies, and falling ownership costs.

However, meeting the massive expected growth in electric vehicles requires investment to ensure that there is adequate public charging infrastructure in place and that other key barriers are overcome, from range anxiety, to the impact of increased electricity consumption on the grid, the need for rapid charging technology and innovations in vehicle energy storage.

Smart policies, enabling technologies and infrastructure will get past these barriers and speed the mass adoption of electric vehicles, and at the same time will bring significant new business opportunities for commercial buildings and facility owners that invest in electric vehicle infrastructure.

By 2030, electric vehicles will make up almost one in three (28%) new car sales worldwide. Electricity consumption from electric vehicles will reach the equivalent of 5% of global electricity demand by 2040.

Bloomberg, New Energy Finance

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Download our white paper, "Commercial buildings and the grid in the advent of electric vehicles," to explore how organisations can intelligently size and seize opportunities in the electric vehicle market.

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