Voice control technology is fast gaining ground as an established feature of everyday life for millions. New functionality incorporating these market-leading standards now makes Scantronic i-on panels an even more compelling offer – a reflection of Eaton’s forward-thinking.

For installers, this enhancement means professional alarm systems that go far beyond DIY smart IoT alarm systems such as Nest. While for the end user, voice control brings added alarm convenience and security in line with the rapid growth in other smart home services.

‘Alexa, ask SecureConnect to set downstairs’ and ‘Alexa: ask SecureConnect to get panel state'. These are just some of the easy Scantronic i-on commands. It’s clear that voice is the future – offering welcome extra convenience for busy alarm end users whenever they leave their home or work premises.        

Security comes as standard

“Critically, Alexa integration offers the class-leading cyber protection that’s baked into Eaton’s SecureConnect technology, backed by Amazon’s own powerful cyber protocols,” explains Eaton Product Manager Glenn Foot. “There’s also the added reassurance of SecureConnect voice control being unable to unset systems - preventing unauthorised de-arming and ensuring full protection at all times."

To start using your voice to control your Eaton SecureConnect panel simply find the SecureConnect skill in the Amazon Alexa app, enable it and perform account linking.

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