Digital NZM MCCB Webinars

Learn everything you need to know about NZM digital moulded case circuit breakers, with a series of webinars tailored to your job discipline.

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Watch one of our webinars about Eaton's most advanced MCCB to date. The digital NZM, with the enhanced PXR trip units, goes beyond the capabilities of what any other MCCB can do. Not only does the digital NZM assist with ISO50001 accreditation through integrated Class 1 energy metering, it simplifies metering that could reduce installation time, space and cost.

Furthermore, it delivers real value-added features & benefits for end-users, consultants and contractors alike, including:

  • Improved ZSI selectivity
  • Wider range setting for overload adjustment
  • Load shedding capabilities to reduce cost and physical footprint
  • Ensuring system uptime by remotely checking breaker health with its predicative maintenance feature
  • The ability to configure and test circuit breakers safely through a PC
  • 100% compatibility with existing systems

The digital NZM also offers safety above standards with market leading Arcflash safety through Eaton’s patented ARMSTM technology to help protect people, property and profits from electrical faults.


Digital NZM launch for        Consultants

Engineering diagram blueprint paper drafting project sketch architectural. industrial drawing detail and several drawing tools

Digital NZM launch for Contractors/Installers