We make delivering your best work.*


It’s not easy being a modern manufacturer. Shorter product life cycles, intense global competition, rising energy costs and stringent regulations are simultaneously driving up overhead and speed-to-market demands. Yet, consumers expect products to be more reliable and cost-effective than ever.

That’s why OEMs need partners with a proven track record of innovation and implementation. At Eaton, we leverage more than 100 years of experience helping manufacturers do what they do best. Our partners look to us to deliver ideas, products and services that keep their assembly lines running smoothly and their products at peak performance. We’re able to meet and exceed their expectations thanks to our industry expertise and a global network of distributor partners. Because we know that if our products aren’t there when and where you need them, then yours won’t be either.

Whether you work in the machinery, vehicle, aerospace or tech market, we can help solve your toughest power management challenges. From customized components to tailored engineering services, we’ll set you up to reach new levels of success. 

See how our portfolio of electrical, filtration and hydraulic solutions help make the "things" that OEMs make work

We make productivity work.*

Smart, agile companies stay ahead of competitors. As industries evolve, your customers demand equipment that performs reliably over an extended lifespan—machines optimized to predict maintenance, embrace energy efficiency, protect operators from electrical faults and operational failure, and boast smart, future-proof designs and interfaces.

Eaton’s broad electrical, filtration and hydraulic offerings change the way our partners design, build and operate mobile machinery and improve equipment used in manufacturing or process applications. Our CMA advanced mobile valve streamlines everything from design and setup to operation and optimization through increased flexibility, faster communication and more precise control. Our SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system simplifies testing, installation and commissioning time by reducing panel and machine wiring complexity. And our application engineering team facilitates design and development through a breadth of shared knowledge across our enterprise.

Backed by a broad portfolio, we help you get to the top of the market and stay there. From hydraulics and electrical products that deliver reliable, predictable performance, to wiring systems that reduce complexity, we’re here to help make the products and services your customers demand work.


We make moving forward work.*

Whether you build motorcycles, passenger vehicles or heavy-duty trucks, we are uniquely positioned to help you manage mechanical, electrical and fluid power—so your customers can do everything from shipping products on time to getting people to school and work safely.

We help you meet regulatory requirements and performance goals, reduce cost of ownership and improve owner satisfaction. Our eMobility focus helps us solve complex electrical challenges, including managing high-voltage power, circuit protection and blended power systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. While vehicle electrification is the future, internal combustion engines still power many of today’s vehicles—and we’re devoted to maximizing their efficiency. Our variable valve actuation systems deactivate cylinders to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Our TVS technology improves fuel economy and achieves low engine-out NOx through advanced combustion strategies. And the Endurant automated transmission improves heavy-duty truck fuel economy and lowers cost of ownership.

So bring us your toughest design problems. From accelerated development to noise and vibration testing, Eaton’s world-class labs, proving grounds and engineers with decades of vehicle expertise stand at the ready to help solve your most complex vehicle challenges.


We make your next destination work.*

You aim to the sky and beyond; we help you get there—making sure passengers, packages and equipment reach their destinations safely and efficiently.

We push limits to improve reliability, reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency. Our portfolio of hydraulic power generation and fluid distribution components exceed your most demanding requirements. Our lightweight and reliable motion and secondary flight controls help ensure a safe journey. And our fuel and inerting systems keep fuel moving from tank to engine, while our engine solutions and sub-systems deliver the best total value.

We help our partners power hundreds of commercial and military aircraft platforms. From hydraulics and fuel and inerting systems to motion control and engine build-ups, we create solutions for today’s needs and adapt to build technologies for tomorrow’s new era of exploration.

No matter what you make, we help make it work.

Whatever your need, we work tirelessly to exceed your customers’ highest expectations. We’ll help you incorporate the latest thinking and innovation into everything you manufacture or service—for products that are more reliable, efficient and safe. Because that’s what really matters. And we’re here to make sure it works.