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Discover how our products and services help you protect people, assets and reputation to ensure business continuity, reduce energy use to maximize efficiency and refine your design for functionality and space.

Protect people, assets and reputation for business continuity

Ensure reliable power for continuous operations and help protect everyone who comes into contact with your building, during everyday business, maintenance and commissioning or in case of an emergency. By sharing our expertise in regulations and building codes and offering training on the latest safety practices, energy audits and other services, we enable you to focus on running your business.


Who is responsible for fire safety?

Fire Safety is a huge responsibility about which we should not be frivolous. Building owners should be aware of the risks and mitigate the risks. Especially when it comes to high rise buildings and other high risk buildings. The best course of action is to employ a professional to conduct a fire risk assessment and advise on the most appropriate solutions and technology to use. Safety above standard; Eaton go above and beyond, especially in high risk situations.

Safe evacuation

Are you up to speed with the latest thinking around safe evacuation of people from buildings? Today, safe evacuation has become a business-critical issue due to technologically complex buildings and a workforce that is often hard to track. So if you haven't updated your evacuation procedures, isn't it time you should?

Electrical safety

Understanding the risk of arc flash events in your switchgear assemblies is the first step to protecting your people and your business. Find out how you can protect your staff, business and reputation from the risk of an arc flash.

Design and build for resiliency and sustainability

Protect the future value of your vital investment by making sure your building reflects your brand. Our energy-efficient products help lower operating costs and reduce your carbon footprint, while custom design solutions help you achieve your vision. Working with our team will ensure flexibility of design to meet future needs and regulations, plus innovations for maximum functionality, productivity and optimal use of your space.


Benefit from your EV charging infrastructure

For building owners or fleet managers, installing EV charging infrastructure can provide real benefits and boost business. It means rethinking how to transform a portion of parking real-estate into a sustainable charging hub. The combined use of onsite renewable generation and energy storage system for self-consumption and peak shaving is a way to support a smooth integration of EV charging.

Maximizing peak shaving potential: Energy storage for stadiums and arenas

The demand for power on match or event days, for stadiums and arenas, can increase over 5 fold on the usual base load of consumed energy. Managing peak demand for power is critical for both the venue and the stability of the local grid.

Mitigate risk with on-time project execution and expertise

Reducing risk in the construction and commissioning of your building allows you to focus on what matters - your business. Leverage our expertise, local support and an extensive network of channel partners for the products and services you need, when you need them. With everything from products designed for labor-saving installation to local project management and pre- and post-sale service and support, we are helping you meet and exceed your project goals.


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