Transform buildings into energy hubs for EV charging and more

Workplace and fleets

You need to keep your people working and products moving. Employees will park EVs while they work and you may need to charge an EV fleet. We have the right charging system for you.


You want to provide convenient top-up charging at your site for customers and visitors. Whether you offer ‘pay-to-charge’ or ‘free-to-charge’ our scalable system is easy to operate and control.


You need to provide EV charging for housing developments or apartment buildings. For building owners, developers, housing associations and landlords, we offer a customised approach.

On the go

You want to provide swift charging at your site for EV drivers who are 'on the go' between destinations. Our system is designed for high power density and easy charging operation.

Choose renewable power and energy storage to charge EVs efficiently from a controllable hub on your own site

Electricity generation is changing, and so is how we store and manage power. New technology means we can now use our buildings as a power grid. Transport is changing, and with more EVs on the road we need to charge them efficiently without overloading power networks.

At Eaton, we have developed our Buildings as a Grid approach to unite the power needs of buildings and EVs, with on-site renewable energy generation. Our approach supports the operation of an EV charging system. If you are a buildings owner, leaseholder, manager, developer, investor, architect, consultant, buildings designer or vehicle fleet manager, you may be thinking about installing electric vehicle chargers at your site. You have come to the right place. Discover how we can help.

Our approach is based on scalable, secure, resilient energy hubs that will power buildings and charge EVs with reliable, sustainable, cost-effective energy. We can customise this decentralised energy approach to your needs right now, to make you ready for the future.

  • Prepare for explosive growth in EV ownership
  • Guarantee power availability with intelligent capacity planning
  • Use energy storage to fully exploit on-site power generation
  • Comply with the rising tide of ‘zero carbon’ regulations
  • Boost the value of your building with energy efficient infrastructure 
We have designed our Buildings as a Grid approach to be the most comprehensive and integrated energy transition offer on the market for building owners. These are just some of the things you will be able to do:
  • Integrate EV charging infrastructure into your building efficiently.
  • Manage and operate your EV chargers easily and cost-effectively.
  • Develop a revenue stream from your EV chargers if you want to monetise them.
  • Balance the load optimally across your charger network to ensure a good user experience.
  • Avoid expensive peak energy prices through peak shaving or load shifting.
  • Optimise your energy bill and manage your power use through load shifting.

How to make EV charging infrastructure pay

More drivers are choosing and using EVs and many governments are speeding up plans to phase out internal combustions engine (ICE) vehicles, in some countries as soon as 2030. Public and private-sector investment in EV charging infrastructure is clearly needed. The good news for buildings and property owners and leaseholders is that EV charging can be provided cost-effectively and sustainably. We explain how, in our new white paper.

Download the free white paper


EV charging explained

Understanding the charging requirements of different EV types will be key to determining your EV charger strategy. You will need to know how the speed of charge depends on the power output of an EV’s onboard charger, and why AC and DC chargers differ fundamentally from each other. To find out more, download our guide.  

Eaton’s essential guide to EV charging

Solve power capacity challenges with energy storage

Take control of your energy supply, reduce your costs, and position your building for a more sustainable future. Our energy storage systems provide all types of buildings - residential, business and the places that we visit on the go - with access to safe, reliable, efficient power management that harnesses the full potential of renewable sources.

Rely on Eaton's project management and expertise

Proper planning and careful design are required to avoid unnecessarily high EV charging station infrastructure costs. With over 100 years of experience and tested and proven management technology leadership. We provide you with end-to-end project management capabilities supported by field engineers and teams across the region.
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