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Minimize the arc flash risk with preventative maintenance

Technical defects or contamination of the electrical installation can be the cause of an arc fault. Similarly, as the use of the building changes, the risk of an arc flash can also change.

Eaton provides customized service contracts providing periodic maintenance for customers so that the potential causes of faults can be detected at an early stage and eliminated before they cause an actual arc flash incident. As all businesses are different, contracts are customized to address the business needs and the specific electrical installation.

Regular and preventative maintenance of your power distribution network can prevent unscheduled maintenance and faults. Any maintenance work can also be scheduled in to minimize the level of disruption to the business; as the NAM case study shows.

Eaton's service engineers are certified to perform preventative maintenance according to the manufacturers instructions, leaving you to focus on the ongoing concerns of your business with a transparency relating to your installation operating costs.


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