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xSpider - Eaton's free arc flash assessment software

xSpider 3 - understand and manage the arc flash risk to your business

Eaton's xSpider 3 is the new generation of software for dimensioning and calculation of low voltage networks. The software provides designers and computational engineers a planning tool that ensures that current standards are adhered to and acceptable levels of arc flash risk are met.

All calculations are based on IEC standards.

xSpider enables the creation of low voltage networks to be designed, taking into consideration the parameters of the network components from the database of components. Any non-compliant elements are displayed to enable mitigating actions to be made.

New to xSpider 3 is the ArcRisk module that calculates the potential incident energy during an arc flash according to IEEE 1584TM, 2002. Having quantified the arc flash risk, safety improvements with Eaton's protective measures can be applied; such as Arc free design, Diagnose, ZSI, ARMS and Arcon.

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