Alerting when it matters most

The following articles provide tips and advice on selecting the right system to notify people of a threat and what action they need to take next. Articles include features on audible and visual alarms, mass notification systems and specialist systems for people with disabilities and the role each plays in the notification and safe evacuation of people from hotels, schools, stadia, warehouses, airports, train stations, flats, leisure centres and student accommodation.

Minimising risk

Too many organisations today take their safety for granted. In today's business world, CEO's increasingly take a short term focus as they are under greater pressure than ever before to produce results. With the focus on profits, investment into safe evacuation can often be wrongly perceived as an unnecessary expense.

Building owners have a moral and legal obligation to ensure life safety within their property – but what does this actually mean for you as a building owner? Explore our one-stop hub to find out.

John Robb, commercial buildings segment director, Eaton