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Transform your power network

Your power network is a critical business asset

Your data centre power chain - from the core to the EDGE - is in the early stages of a radical transformation that creates significant challenges but also opportunities for you as a data centre owner and operator. Your challenges include growing public scrutiny of your IT infrastructure’s rising carbon footprint, the immense complexity of managing power at the edge for distributed IT assets and growing threats to secure and reliable energy supplies from cyber-attacks and less stable grids.

All these trends require you to be a more active steward of your power network – to transform it from a utility to a critical business asset. Eaton believes that power is best treated as an end to end system - a network. The first series of topics set out below highlight what this transformation means for the management of power in core hyperscale, EDGE compute, telecom exchange and 5G cell site environments. We will shed light on how Eaton is working today with customers and partners in Europe and around the world to transform their power networks and the opportunities this is unlocking in terms of improved sustainability, additional revenue streams and more secure and resilient power.

Transform your power network from a cost to a profit centre

Transform your power network to drive data centre performance

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Transform your power network to be cyber secure

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Transform your power network to the EDGE

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