Technology to protect what matters

Addressing electrical fires—a hidden threat

Arc faults, which occur out of sight within installations, have the potential to ignite fires and cause enormous damage. Statistics show that 20 % to 30 % of fires are the result of faults in electrical systems.

Eaton’s unique technology provides more effective protection against electrical fires to protect people, property and assets. Choose the best level of protection for your next project.

Did you know that in Europe 20 % to 30 % of fires are caused by electrical failures?

European Fire Safety Alliance, 2017

Technology that redefines safety

Does your car have air bags, safety belts and ABS? Of course, because these are now mandatory requirements. But not so long ago, these critical safety features were considered optional extras.

Why not take the same approach to your latest domestic electrical installation? A new product category—the Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) —will help you take the safety of domestic installations to the next level. The new AFDD+ from Eaton picks up arc faults that standard RCDs and MCBs can’t detect, thereby reducing the risk of fires in electrical installations.


  • Arc faults should not be ignored

BEAMA guide to Arc Fault Detection Devices

With the increased attention on Arc Fault Detection Devices, BEAMA, the long established and respected trade association for the electrotechnical sector, recently produced a guide to AFDD and their application in electrical installations. The association has a strong track record in the development and implementation of standards to promote safety and product performance for the benefit of manufacturers and their customers.

Eaton solutions to satisfy the 18th edition wiring regulations

See our new consumer unit solutions to meet the 18th edition of the IET wiring regulations. Take a look at the enhanced range, including the full range of AFDD’s and fitting accessories.

Arc Fault Detection Device with RCBO function (AFDD+)

Electrical fires in residential properties have many causes, but with products from Eaton, you can significantly reduce the risk. In addition, by opting for an AFDD+, you will also enhance the reputation of your business, given that the installation of AFDDs is increasingly becoming the norm across Europe.

All-in-one device

With all the protective functions combined in one device, you can achieve enhanced protection, provide more peace of mind and show that you value what matters most.

How to build greater safety into your next installation?

Choose the most effective safety products to protect people, assets and property with Eaton’s comprehensive range of electrical power distribution safety systems.

As we have seen, electrical faults are capable of causing fires and extensive damage. However, standards differ across Europe and have evolved over time, so even a compliant installation in a newly built residential property may not be as safe as residents expect it to be. And in existing housing stock, electrical systems may only meet the regulations that applied at the time they were installed—and thus fail to provide complete protection. 

By choosing Eaton’s range of protection devices for residential power distribution, you can help to protect people, assets and property—as well as your reputation.