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Leverage the new business opportunity afforded by energy storage

Energy storage is a new and fast growing market that enables home owners and small commercial enterprises to manage their energy supply, reduce bills and contribute towards a sustainable future.

Energy storage is a new and fast growing market, compatible with rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. The leading solar-plus-storage markets are those with significant numbers of rooftop solar installations – Germany, followed by the UK, France and Italy.

As retail electricity prices are likely to increase in the future, solar PV coupled with energy storage provides consumers with a means to control energy bills.

Installing home energy storage enables households to manage their energy supply, become more independent from the grid, contribute to a sustainable future and reduce bills by storing either self-generated renewable energy or grid electricity when rates are lowest, and using it when it’s needed most.

People are increasingly opting for electric vehicles (EVs) as they become more affordable. Home energy storage systems allow households to charge their EVs with clean, self-generated electricity. The integrated energy storage unit provides safe, reliable and efficient power management.

The residential energy storage market in the EMEA region is expected to exceed $3.5 bn accumulated sales by 2025.

IHS Markit – Grid-Connected Energy Storage Market Tracker, February 2018

The rise of residential energy storage

Sustainability without sacrificing lifestyle 

To learn more about the drivers, trends, consumer expectations and market challenges influencing the residential energy storage market, download our white paper. 

The potential for residential energy storage systems to be grid-supporting assets

How to avoid grid congestion?

To learn how energy storage systems can support the grid, download our white paper. 

xStorage Home is the future of solar

xStorage Home is a residential battery storage system for optimising self-consumption of solar PV energy and storing off-peak electricity. With xStorage Home your customers can shrink their household's carbon footprint, save on their energy costs, reduce their grid dependency and ensure energy security, safely and reliably.

Proven and reliable technology

xStorage Home has been designed to be the most reliable energy storage system on the market today. The system is simple to install, set up and use. Safety is our number one priority and xStorage Home has been developed and tested to meet the highest electrical safety standards at EU as well as national levels.

Integrated energy storage unit in one single box

xStorage Home combines new or second-life Nissan LEAF battery modules with Eaton's hybrid inverter to enable PV arrays to be directly connected to the unit.

Eaton and Nissan – two strong partners

Eaton is a leader in both electrical energy for buildings and in power electronics, with over 100 years' experience. As an expert in uninterruptible power supply technology, Eaton brings a depth of experience to energy storage that is unmatched. Nissan meanwhile is a leader in electric vehicles and for 15 years has been a proven, high-volume maker of reliable Li-Ion batteries.

Become an Eaton Authorised xStorage Home Installer Partner

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