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Metaltech Precision

Illuminating the South West of England’s leading sub contract plant

Location: Metaltech Precision Ltd, Chard, Somerset, UK

Segment: Industrial, Machinery, Processing

Problem: To significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions within Metaltech Precision by upgrading and replacing existing T5 fluorescent solutions with LED luminaires to maintain the right level of illumination and utilise intelligent sensors.

Solution: Eaton’s Lighting business’ class-leading Litex Elite luminaires were installed throughout the Chard manufacturing facility. These hyper-performance IP65 high bay luminaires are designed for high efficiencies and provide protection to IK10, offering an industrial luminaire.

With a long life LED, the luminarie offers in excess of L80 85,000 hours, limiting the requirement of maintenance. With a power consumption of just 93W with sensors, this immediately produced an energy saving supporting the customers’ requirements. 


Metaltech is one of the South West of England’s leading subcontract manufacturing facility. With over 45 years of experience, the manufacturing plant now includes turning, milling, grinding, fabricating, welding, painting, assembly and testing.

According to Metaltech Precision’s Managing Director, Steve Hill, the company ambition “is to ensure controlled growth through cost-effective manufacture, producing high-quality parts, delivered on time.” The growth and cost-effective manufacturing is therefore essential to be supported with energy saving luminaires and reducing the CO2 emissions.


The existing lighting at Metaltech Precision in Chard consisted of traditional 4x54W T5 fluorescent luminaires, which Metaltech Precision wanted to replace with the latest generation of LED, low energy, intelligent sensor luminaires. The company was looking for a like for like replacement, with a strong payback and simple installation.


Eaton’s Litex Elite luminaires were duly installed throughout the Chard manufacturing plant. Capable of operating at temperatures as low as -40 to +50°C, these fittings deliver instant white light with no restrike or run-up delay, and offer a long service life free from the need for lamp changes, thereby providing a significant reduction in maintenance costs. With power consumption of 93W, the Litex Elite luminaires provide energy savings compared to the previous T5 luminaires, with a payback of under 3 years for the whole project. 


The installation at Metaltech Precision was successful with the new running costs at a fraction of the original expenditure. Commenting on the lighting, Steve Hill, Managing Director concluded, “Eaton was able to offer Metaltech the complete package with a range of solutions and a sample to trial with support from the Electrical Wholesaler. We now have the right level of illumination for our plant with sensors to prevent illuminating areas with no-one present.

With support from the Electrical Wholesaler, a Litex Elite fitting was demonstrated to us (Metaltech Precision). The option to temporarily install the product, plus the IK10 industrial protection assisted with our choice to purchase over 100 fittings for our facilities.

Callum Preston, Maintenance Engineer, Metaltech Precision

Litex Elite - LED industrial light, engineered for high performance

The Litex Elite is the third iteration of the class-leading luminaire - Litex. Designed for high efficiencies, the Litex Elite delivers massive energy savings (ECA compliant) and rapid capital investment payback through the use of sophisticated LED technology.