The original SF₆-free switchgear manufacturer since 1960

Eaton has been pioneering SF6-free medium voltage switchgear systems for 60 years, providing green power management technologies that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.


Eaton - ahead of its time developing SF6-free switchgear

Eaton offers green solutions to modern-day and future energy challenges. We have combined smart design and technological excellence, developing over 200 patented inventions to protect the planet and our fellow citizens. Eaton SF6-free switchgear is being sold in over 60 countries on more than 3,000 reference sites across multiple applications and segments. In 2020, we will ship the one-millionth SF6-free medium voltage switchgear panel.  

Follow our technical journey in the timeline video.

> 60y
of experience in SF₆-free switchgear
> 1M
SF₆-free switchgear panels sold
> 60
countries using our green switchgear

Eaton's SF6-free switchgear range today

Our products meet the demands of smart and sustainable energy systems and customers who care about the environment as much as we do. Eaton has always been at the forefront of innovation. Our technical expertise enables us to offer reliable, efficient and compact switchgear, all without the use of SF6 gas - powering tomorrow's grid, today. 

Find out more about our SF6-free switchgear product range below!

Power Xpert UX 24
Power Xpert UX 24
Eaton Power Xpert UX36
Power Xpert UX 36
Eaton Power Xpert FMX product picture
Power Xpert FMX
Eaton Xiria 061 Xiria E 2 Panels Top Unit
Eaton Xiria 021

We are proud to offer green switchgear that’s been on the market for decades and beats the total lifetime cost of ownership compared to most SF6 solutions. Eaton has proven that there is no real barrier for the market to switch to SF6-free switchgear.

Richard Ledgard, Eaton General Manager Systems and Services Business, Power Distribution Division
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Calculate your value

When choosing a switchgear, don't forget about the hidden costs, such as maintenence, upgrading and end-of-life disposal. 

If you are curious about how the total cost of ownership of our green switchgear compares to SF₆ gas filled alternatives check out our calculator!