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Eaton's Capri, Redapt and Raxton product portfolio

As a globally-recognised power management company, Eaton recognises the importance of safe, compliant and robust installation practices. However, without the provision of high-quality installation materials, the application of electrical systems within commercial and industrial buildings could be compromised. It is for this reason that Eaton is committed to providing a broad range of world-class installation materials, which are designed, tested and manufactured in-house to the highest possible standards.

These product lines carry the established reputation of heritage brands such as CAPRI, Raxton and Redapt as a badge of quality. The CAPRI range, for example, includes electrical accessories for the building trade such as drywall and pavilion boxes, as well as B-Line fasteners and fixing systems for attachment to wall studs, conduit and cable, beams, purlins, channel and acoustical tee.

In addition, the CAPRI product line provides products for industrial applications including polyamide or brass cable glands, conduits and fittings. Today, around 70 million units are manufactured every year under this product line, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Eaton’s Redapt and Raxton brands comprise of thread conversion equipment specially designed for use in hazardous and industrial applications. A recognised specialist in this field for more than three decades, Eaton solves the fundamental difficulties which exist due to the variety of thread forms currently used within the electrical industry. Products in these ranges include adaptors, reducers, stopping plugs, breather drain plugs and a number of related accessories. Safe and compliant use of these products in hazardous areas is assured by Exd and Exe certifications and international approvals including SIRA, ATEX, GOST, INMETRO and IECEx. Emphasising customer service and a commitment to technical expertise.

Our sites

Eaton's Nouan-le-Fuzelier, France site from above

Nouan-le-Fuzelier, France

  • The main office for CAPRI products
  • Features over 50 machines and 20 assembly stations
  • 190 employees (of which 86 are production workers)
  • 800 tones of metal and 700 tones of plastic processed per annum
  • Sales to more than 70 countries
Eaton's Aldridge, UK plant factory floor

Aldridge, United Kingdom

  • The main office for Raxton and Redapt products
  • 50 employees
  • 10 million units a year
  • Functions: metal turning, sales support/project management, sourcing/supply chain, international sales and warehousing

From the suburbs of Paris and Birmingham, a history and evolution

The history of the business goes back to the 20th century and two French-based companies: CODEC a family organisation started in 1908 and "Commercial Accessories Products and Industrial fittings" or CAPRI for short founded after the first world war in 1922.

In 1964, CAPRI and CODEC merged together and established in Nouan-le-Fuzlier, France where the business has been based until this day.

1950 - First industrial cable gland

First industrial cable gland named "P32", which replaces the tow around the electric cable.

1965 - The "octopus" system is invented

The "octopus" system is invented; distributing electrical wiring in concrete slabs going on to dominate in the French market.
Old image of Eaton Capri's first octopus system

1972 - Raxton is founded

Raxton established as a thread conversion business for hazardous areas and industrial applications in 1972.
Raxton logo

1973 - The Capriclips range is born

The first box for drywall is created: the beginning of the Capriclips range which continues to be a favourite among installers in France to this day.
Drawing of Capri's first design for Capriclips

1979 - Foundation of Redapt

Specialised in Ex and named after its core product range REducers and aDAPTors - Redapt is established in 1979.
Redapt Logo

1988 - First ATEX approved cable gland

Redapt launches its first ATEX cable gland in 1988, adding to the ATEX adaptors and plugs product ranges already available.
Legacy ADE Series logo

2012 - Arrival of Eaton

Following previous integration into Cooper Industries (1999 for CAPRI-CODEC and 2010 for Redapt and Raxton). All three brands are brought into the international group Eaton which in 2018 has sales of $21.8 billion.

As part of the wider portfolio and alongside its Crouse-Hinds and B-Line series, Eaton now offers one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of conduit, cable and wire management products on the market today.  


2019 - Aldridge granted Fit For Nuclear status

Eaton Electrical System Ltd (Aldridge) granted Fit For Nuclear status by Nuclear AMRC (Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre).

This status rewards UK manufacturers that meet the standards demanded by the nuclear industry’s top tiers.

Eaton takes pride in demonstrating a capability to support the needs of the global nuclear industry and providing high-quality products for all nuclear sectors including new build, operations and decommissioning.


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Across Capri, Redapt, Raxton, Crouse-Hinds, B-Line and more Eaton has one of the most comprehensive ranges of conduit, cable and wire management.