An eco-designed data center at Webaxys

See how a data center can become more environmentally friendly by incorporating an energy storage system that relies on renewable energy.

Webaxys goes greener

Discover how Webaxys leverages Eaton's energy storage system to lower its CO2 footprint.

Webaxys - Cloud and IT services hosting company - Normandy, France

Emmanuel Assié, Webaxys CEO

We wanted to develop human-scale data centers that are close to our customers and respond to the societal challenges of energy management and consumption. Eaton was very responsive in meeting our requirements, and along with Nissan, provided the technology necessary to begin this transformation.

Emmanuel Assié, Webaxys CEO


Webaxys is a hosting company and telecom operator located in Normandy, France. Since its inception in 2003, the company has pursued a strategy of innovation based on strong values of social engagement and respect for the environment. For its first data center, Webaxys relied entirely on renewable energy sources. When it was time to design and build its next data center, the company wanted to go even further to reduce its energy dependence and minimize the environmental impact of its activities. The new site is part of an outreach strategy that aims to create human-scale data centers that are well integrated into the local economy and located close to customers.

Overcoming energy challenges

Renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaics, are by their nature intermittent. However, data centers need a constant flow of energy, so it needs to be accessible via battery storage technology. Furthermore, the management of the different energy sources needs to be integrated into the server and process management hardware and software infrastructure to optimize the use of the energy mix and guarantee the service quality customers require.

An innovative energy storage system

The integration of Eaton’s UPS technology with second life Nissan LEAF batteries provides a standardized, industrialized, global energy management solution for data centers. The double conversion Eaton 93PM UPS, suited to the most modern IT environments (including virtual environments), is specifically tailored for use with a photovoltaic power source. This solution enables the integration of local renewable power sources and the storage of energy from the grid or the return of energy to the power grid under a demand-management or rate-optimization contract with energy suppliers.

An eco-designed data center

Since its establishment in spring 2016, the new Webaxys data center has demonstrated that it is possible for a data center to minimize environmental impact by committing to more autonomous, less energy intensive operation. This industry validation represents a major milestone and opens up the possibility of large-scale deployment for small and medium-sized data centers seeking to become energy independent.