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xStorage Home supports the energy transition

Twenty Eaton xStorage Home systems are installed in the European-funded Horizon 2020  INVADE science project to discover what the future energy market will look like. 

Eaton xStorage systems: a necessity for future energy markets

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The Norwegian industrial group Lyse and the INVADE Project

Lyse is a Norwegian industrial group operating within the fields of energy and fibre-based broadband. The industrial group were the first Norwegian company to invest in Eaton xStorage Home systems. The investment was made for research purposes for the European science project, INVADE, one of Europe’s biggest ever science projects in the field of smart grid and storage with a total budget allocation of €16 million.

Twenty Eaton xStorage Home systems installed

Twenty Eaton xStorage Home systems are installed in twenty different homes in Rogaland, Norway. These systems consist of second-life and new Nissan LEAF batteries that are connected to Eaton smart technology for power management. Eaton xStorage is available for households, commercial buildings and as a part of bigger energy networks and data centers. The xStorage Home units used by Lyse are made up new and second life Nissan LEAF batteries with 6 kWh and 4.2 kWh, which provides a very busy and active Norwegian household with three to five hours of power.

There are big expectations for this project. The energy market is going through substantial changes and we want to be ahead of these changes by testing innovative technologies and ensure we have developed the best business models. With our participation in the INVADE project we can contribute to solve these challenges both from a national and an international perspective.

Trond Torbjørnsen, Senior Business Developer at Lyse

Shave the load peaks that occur when the grid energy is on a high demand

One of the purposes for the project is to shave the load peaks that occur when the grid energy is on a high demand. A direct solution to this is the xStorage Home, whereby power can be stored in the xStorage Home system when the price for electricity is low, and used when the price is high. The INVADE project is led by Smart Innovation Norway, and Lyse is leading the Norwegian pilot. Pilot projects are also running in Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain where different businesses will investigate new smart solutions and business models within the power and energy market. Lyse intends to focus on solutions which cater for the consumer market.

We will develop new digital solutions that ensure better use of the energy grid, an easier transition toward renewable energy and the stabilisation of peaks using energy storage.

Trond Torbjørnsen, Seniore Business Developer at Lyse

xStorage Home will be used in three sub-projects

The xStorage Home system will be used in three sub-projects: Energy usage relative to effect, energy consumption in regards to economic profitability and how energy storage in combination with short traveled energy, such as solar energy, can be optimized. Lyse will also consider how domestic power and heating can be managed more efficiently and how this can be connected to the Internet of things.

We are seeing many exciting solutions where artificial intelligence and machine learning are managing different solutions. Energy storage will complement the future energy market, and consumers will benefit in form of smarter energy usage. Power companies will benefit from better distribution and the customer will be able to control and manage their homes in a smarter way.

Trond Torbjørnsen, Senior Business Developer at Lyse

Meeting the higher demand for grid energy

Energy storage will also help to even out the demand for grid energy. This is a necessity as more and more high energy demanding components are being used, such as electric vehicles and induction hobs.

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