Hydraulic actuation

Hydraulic actuation is the most common method of variable valvetrain actuation. Engine oil pressure is regulated with an oil control valve (OCV).
Hydraulic Cylinder Deactivation Type II.jpg

Hydraulic Cylinder Deactivation:

  • Hydraulically actuated by oil pressure regulation with OCV (Oil Control Valve)
  • Pre-loading compliance spring enables staging of switching event on base circle
  • High speed switching capable
  • Precisely controlled mechanical gap/valve lift
  • Low weight, compact design
  • Flexible installation on intake or exhaust side
Mode Engine Speed (rpm) Oil Temperature (0C) OCV Signal Switching Port Pressure (bar) Latch Position
Standard Lift 0 to 7200 -40 to 150 De-Enegized 2 to 4 extended (engaged with inner arm)
CDA (No Lift) Idle to 3500 -20 Energized 20 Reactivated (disengaged with Inner arm)

Video gallery

Learn more about hydraulic actuation by watching this video.