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  • Value beyond the hose

    Why choose Eaton Winner standard performance hoses and fittings? Because you get the same Eaton extras you get with our high-performance, mission-critical hoses and fittings.

Eaton Winner hose and fittings

Distributors  looking for new selling opportunities now have the perfect place to go for standard performance hydraulic hoses and fittings. The Winner product line from Eaton gives you the quality and craftsmanship at a standard-performance price. You and your customers get great value and system-matched performance — plus consultative engineering expertise and responsive technical support.

With our complete product portfolio including both standard and high performance hoses, you and your customers can now find the perfect hose for every application from one trusted source.


Standard-performance products still give you critical Eaton value-added services.

While we can almost always match the prices of other standard performance brands, they simply can’t match the value beyond the hose that Eaton brings. You’ll have access to all the extras that come with our premium high performance products. That includes design consulting, technical support and a global supply chain that ensures your customers’ production lines never stop for a late or lost shipment.

Complete system-matched offerings

As well as quality design and materials, we ensure the performance of our hoses by surrounding them with system-matched fittings qualified to work together, enabling us to deliver high quality hose assemblies. That means greater value and stronger margins for distributors—and gives customers the confidence that comes from Eaton system-matched solutions.

Consultative engineering and design expertise

Innovation in your customers’ platforms comes from many sources—including trusted suppliers in-tune with both engineering trends and the changing requirements of end-users all around the world. Eaton offers your OEM customers ready access to experienced engineers who can solve specific platform design issues, or simply bring forth fresh engineering ideas. These value-added services are available when you choose any of our hydraulic hoses and fittings, including our Winner standard performance products.

Whether you need high-performance hoses for critical applications or standard hoses for others, Eaton’s complete portfolio has you covered.

Be confident on quality

Eaton Winner offers a wide range of hydraulic hoses that meet industry standards for pressure, temperature and abrasion resistance at competitive prices. Suited to all kinds of commercial vehicles, as well as agricultural and construction machinery.  Winner hose assemblies meet the following specifications:

  • EN853 1SN/2SN
  • EN857 1SC/2SC
  • EN856 4SP/4SH
  • SAE100 R13/R15


Eaton Winner braided hydraulic hoses are qualified with our well-known TTC series fittings, as well as our cost competitive two-piece Winner fittings. Eaton Winner spiral hydraulic hoses are also qualified with Eaton’s 4S/6S series fittings.

TTC series

Eaton’s best-selling one-piece “Bite-the-wire” style hose fitting that’s qualified with all Winner one and two wire braided hydraulic hoses:

  • EC115(1SC) - EC110(1SN)
  • EC215(2SC) - EC210(2SN)

4S/6S spiral series

A higher performing spiral hose assembly for the most demanding applications, using a simple and more user-friendly hose and hose fitting assembly process. Offers industry-leading class “0” cool-down leakage and higher operating performance.

  • EC426(4SP) - EC420(R13)
  • EC512(4SH) - EC615(R15) 

Two-piece Winner fitting

A competitive non-skive two-piece hose fitting that’s qualified with the Eaton Winner standard hoses.

  • EC115(1SC) - EC110(1SN)
  • EC215(2SC) - EC210(2SN) 



Winner Hose and Fittings Catalog

View our latest catalog to learn more about Winner product offerings. Get great value and system-matched performance to align with modern engineering strategies, at a competitive price.


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