Tools, guidance and resources

EN54-23 tools and guidance for specification

The LX beacon range is designed to offer a low current solution to the EN54-23 standard. Based on familiar product platforms, such as the Roshni, the range provides familiarity as well as reassurance that high reliability and efficiency is guaranteed. All products provide a room coverage of up to 7.5m, and draw a current as low as 10mA, with a red flash.  

To complement the LX range we've created a wide range of resources, below, to assist installers, system designers, architects, manufacturers, risk assessors and distributors.

EN54-23 specifying tool

In a few clicks, the online specifying tool can help you identify the correct products for your project, give you an indication of the number of devices needed, along with their positioning and current consumption.

Store and retrieve your project information or just simply download and print off your results.

NB: The VADs tool is based on Loss Prevention Code of Practice CoP 0001, the UK 'Code of Practice for Visual Alarm Devices for Fire Warning'. The tool should be applied at the discretion of the user, particularly outside the UK, and should be used for guidance purposes only. No liability is implied or accepted for the results given.

Clear visual notification during an emergency; approved to EN54-23

VADs provide a clear signal of evacuation for any occupant that may not be alerted by an audible alarm due to working in a noisy environment like a factory, if they are hard of hearing or increasingly in office and educational environments due to wearing headphones.