Physical distancing pictogram for the CrystalWay sign

Pictograms to help customers meet local guidelines

Emergency lighting is a lifeline in hazardous situations. It enables the safe, prompt and efficient evacuation of spaces and buildings, not only in cases of blackout caused by power outage, but when sunlight and lighting may still be available.

An effective emergency lighting system also guides people in and around enclosed and open environments, as well as helps them locate safety equipment plus refuge and assembly points.   

In most countries, new guidelines ask for a "physical distance" to be maintained between people in particular scenarios. Building owners and safety managers must provide clear visible signage to educate and reinforce.

CrystalWay 1m or 2m physical distance pictograms help customers to fulfil local requirements.

Multiple inclusive pictograms and mounting options
Optimal recognition, utilising our emergency lighting expertise

A complete CrystalWay variant with pictograms inside

To simplify logistics, the physical distancing CrystalWay variant is supplied with safety distance pictograms inside.

The item is based on the CrystalWay 230V Mains 30m viewing distance. It is supplied with x2 pieces of 1m distance pictogram and x2 pieces of 2m, to accommodate for single-sided wall applications and double-sided ceiling applications.  


Operations & logistics
Public & private offices
Shopping malls & stores
Public transport
Family doctors
Hospitals & clinics

Mounting options

Single side
Wall installation
Double side
Ceiling installation
Double side
Suspended installation (accessory required)

Built upon trusted technology

The backlit device is based on the globally successful CrystalWay exit sign luminaire, which provides amazing technical and optical features such as high luminance > 500cd/sqm, uniformity and a 30m viewing distance ( EN1838). 

Eaton's CrystalWay emergency exit sign

Pictogram customisation

Application and actions to communicate in a building can change and with Eaton's non-adhesive range it's simple to swap pictograms to meet those demands.

Eaton has a core range of specific pictograms for several product families to cover most of those signage requirements. However,  if you don't see the pictogram you require, we are happy to discuss the specific needs of your project with you.

Eaton emergency lighting pictogram customization top level options

Choose either kit or standalone options


Product code: LUM22217-SDS

One box solution with the luminaire, pictogram options and mounting for ceiling or walls.

  • CrystalWay 30m 230v Mains supplied (no battery) luminaire
  • Single side (wall) and double side (ceiling) kit included in the box
  • 2 x 1m physical distancing pictograms
  • 2 x 1,5m physical distancing pictograms
  • 2 x 2m physical distancing pictograms
Product code: LUM11160
1 x 1m physical distancing pictogram
Product code: LUM11161
1 x 1,5m physical distancing pictogram
Product code: LUM11162
1 x 2m physical distancing pictogram

All profits from the sale of this product in 2020 will be donated to local charitable causes.


Interested in the CrystalWay physical distancing pictogram?

How we're working with healthcare industry in response to COVID-19

In this demanding time, specialist expertise, responsiveness and capability are of vital importance. Eaton is working with partners to provide and prioritise requests for support relating to critical care and medical equipment.