Custom-made products

Custom-made emergency lighting products for your projects

To be completely integrated into a project, it is necessary to know how to merge in the universe of a creator while adapting itself to the particular architectural requirements.

Eaton created a core range of custom-made products and accessories to echo the diversity of your talents and the needs of your customers, without altering the certified features of the product.

Painted self-contained luminaires and accessories
Specific pictograms

Paint customization

Perfect integration of self-contained luminaires into buildings' architecture is always a challenge. Eaton helps you in meeting this challenge by creating a core range of painted luminaires (painted housing) and accessories available in 3 colors.


  • Professional solution provided by an emergency lighting manufacturer
  • Ready to use
  • Perfect finish
  • Premium quality for long life service
  • Warranty period equal to standard product
  • No modification of safety features (dielectric test, glow wire test, range of temperature, ….)
  • CE declaration
  • Internal test report mention any variation of product performance

Pictogram customization

The role of exit sign luminaires may not always be showing the escape route. Sometimes, it is necessary to easily identify the location of safety equipement, refuge, assembly point, etc. Eaton developed a core range of specific pictograms for several product families to cover most of those signage requirements.


  • Professional solution provided by an emergency lighting manufacturer
  • Tested at high temperature
  • UV proof
  • Premium quality for long life service
  • All exit legends comply with EN605.98.2.22
  • Comply EN1838 when applicable 
Emergency lighting self-contained wheelchair pictogram with guideled
A collection of up to 31 pictograms is available for core range of self-contained luminaires to provide complete set of exit signage and safety legends.
Emergency lighting self-contained product customization nexitech with fire hose pictogram

Don't see the color or pictogram you require?

Contact our sales team and they'll be happy to discuss the specific needs of a project with you.
Emergency lighting self-contained customized pictogram for nexitech
Emergency lighting self-contained suspended crystalway with black mat paint