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General specifications

Product Name
Eaton X20 Open Circuit Piston Pumps 420 Series
Catalog Number
Model Code
Product Length/Depth
12.2 in
Product Height
8.75 in
Product Width
5.75 in
Product Weight
55.1 lb
Hydraulics Warranty
Model Code

Product specifications

Maximum Case Drain Temperature
220 °F
Shaft seals
Input Speed At 2.0 Bar Absolute
2800 RPM
Input Speed At 0.8 Bar Absolute
2400 RPM
Maximum Case Pressure
350 bar
Response time
25 ms
Design code
Mark Eaton Product Number and Full Model Code On Label
Maximum Pressure Compensator Setting
282.7 bar
Maximum Flow Compensator Setting
15.17 bar
Maximum Input Torque
2460 in lb
Controller Type
Pressure and Flow Compensator with Torque Control and .4375-20 SAE O-Ring Load Sense Port Left Side
Minimum Pressure Compensator Setting
275.8 bar
Maximum Recommended Operating Viscosity
40 cSt
Front Mounting
2 Bolt B
Shaft rotation
Input shaft
13 Tooth 16/32 Spline, Shaft Extension 41.1 [1.62]
Auxiliary Mounting
Minimum Flow Compensator Setting
12.41 bar
Pump Special Features
Input Speed - Minimum
600 RPM
Main Port Size and Location
Rear Ports; Suction - 2.00 SAE J518 4-Bolt Split Flange Port Standard Pressure Series (Code 61); Pressure - 1.00 SAE J518 4-Bolt Split Flange Port Standard Pressure Series (Code 61)
Peak Pressure Rating
5000 Psi
Fluid Cleanliness
Code Title
Pressure Compensated/Pressure Flow Compensated
Control Special Features
Input Speed At 1.0 Bar Absolute
2600 RPM
Inlet pressure
280 bar
Theoretical Input Torque At Maximum Displacement
278 Nm
Minimum Recommended Operating Viscosity
16 cSt
Bearing Life at Rated Pressure
3320 hr
Nominal Pressure Rating
4600 Psi
Housing material
Cast Iron
Blue Primer Per Spec 209-13Cd
Drain Port Size and Location
.875-14 UNF-2B O-Ring Port - Top (28Cc and 45Cc)
Continuous Allowable Case Pressure
320 bar
Input Speed - Maximum
3600 RPM
62.3 cm³/rev
Maximum Displacement Option
Standard Displacement
Maximum Input Power
75.6 kW
Torque Control Setting
0 in lb
Loader backhoes, Vibratory cable plows, Mining machinery, Dump truck lifts, Agriculture tractors, Chemical applicator trucks, Railroad equipment, Container handling, all terrain and truck cranes, Vibratory cable plows, Mining machinery and tunnel boring equipment, Utility boom, off road dump and refuse trucks, Material handling trucks and rough terrain fork lifts, Concrete and asphalt pavers, Feller/bunchers, forwarders and log loaders, Crawler dozers, Articulate haulers, Mini excavators
Diagnostic Pressure Ports
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