RMQ emergency-stop buttons

The emergency-stop buttons of the Eaton Moeller series ensure immediate and safe shutdown to protect your machinery and systems as well as the people in their vicinity. The pushbuttons are tamper-proof, certified for global use and can be safely used in any environment and situation.




Positive opening contacts

Degree of protection:

IP65, IP67, IP69K

Safe shutdown and appealing design - emergency power-off buttons

The mushroom or palm-tree shaped emergency stop / emergency power-off buttons can either be mounted at the front or directly on the floor. The self-monitoring contact elements provide for comprehensive operational safety, even in the event of faulty installation or if operated with excessive force. Thanks to their high degree of protection (IP67, IP69K) and their wide ambient temperature range, the emergency-stop buttons are ideally suited for use in harsh environments.

              RMQ small E-Stop: small device, big impact!

This small emergency-stop button combines functionality, safety and a unique, compact design. The small E-Stop is an innovative control element that stands out for its compact size and novel illumination system. The innovative 360° illuminated ring ensures improved visibility and thus increases the safety of machines and systems. Thanks to comprehensive approvals and certificates and compatibility with the entire RMQ range, it can be easily and flexibly used across a wide variety of applications.

  •  IP65 and IP69K degree of protection
  • compatible with Flat Rear contacts/optional self-monitoring contacts
  • optional RGB LEDs - a 360° illuminated ring that can light up in any colour
  • customised inscriptions possible with our Pushbutton Configurator
Eaton's Moeller series RMQ small e-Stop emergency stop button

High visibility with illuminated rings

The emergency power-off buttons are available either with or without key; with pull-release or turn-to-release function; non-illuminated; and illuminated with standard LEDs or mechanical switch position indicator. By installing the optional illuminated ring, you can further enhance the visibility of the emergency-stop / emergency power-off buttons of your machine or system. In darkness, this feature guarantees the reliable indication of the position and operating state of each pushbutton.
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RMQ emergency-stop buttons models & specifications

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