Energy storage

Take control of your energy supply, cut your bills and move towards a more sustainable future.

With our energy storage systems, homes, businesses, stadiums and cities gain access to a safe, reliable and efficient power management that harnesses the full potential of renewable sources.

Enabling the energy transition with energy storage

Reducing the impact of CO2 on our planet is dependent on all of us using a much higher proportion of renewable energy. The advent of electric vehicles will also be a game changer for all parties involved in energy production, distribution and consumption. Energy storage enables homeowners, businesses, industrial facilities and cities, to store energy whenever it is available and release it when needed. Combined with solar panels, energy storage systems help them use a higher proportion of renewable energy produced locally to power homes and buildings or charge electric vehicles when needed. Energy storage is revolutionizing energy for all of us.

xStorage Home

xStorage Home is an energy storage system, housed in a single unit, that integrates a battery pack and an hybrid inverter. Designed by Eaton and incorporating new or used lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicle (EV) leader Nissan, the xStorage Home system is one of the most reliable and safest home storage systems on the market.

Discover what xStorage Home can do for homeowners

Installing energy storage enables homeowners to manage their energy supply, become more independent from the grid, contribute to a sustainable future and reduce bills by storing either self-generated renewable energy or grid electricity when rates are lowest, and using it when it’s needed most.

xStorage Buildings

xStorage Buildings enables commercial and industrial facility managers and operators to store energy so that it can be used on demand to provide cleaner and more reliable power, as a back up power source, or to participate in demand response programs selling energy back to the grid. The energy storage system can also be used to maximize the consumption of renewable energy locally produced to power buildings or charge electric vehicles when needed.

Enabling the EV integration for commercial and industrial buildings owners

Commercial and industrial buildings owners who want to optimize their solar self-consumption and unlock the opportunity for electric vehicle charging can reap numerous business and revenue opportunities with energy storage.

xStorage Compact

Eaton xStorage Buildings is now available in a single rack version. This compact, ready-to-use and expandable solution is the perfect choice for energy storage applications in high-end residential and light commercial buildings. xStorage Compact enables you to defer grid investment, store renewable energy and release it when needed to charge Electric Vehicles. 

xStorage Container

xStorage Container leverages the award-winning energy storage technology from Eaton to provide customers with a scalable, modular and fully integrated containerized energy storage solution that is easy to install and quick to deploy on site. xStorage Container is a multi-usage energy storage system that provides customers with a wide range of applications such as seamless islanding for reliable back-up power, peak shaving, load shifting, frequency regulation and voltage regulation. Customers can also leverage the energy storage system to maximize solar self-consumption and smoothly integrate electric vehicle charging stations onsite while ensuring grid stability for their buildings.
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