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xStorage Buildings can be used for multiple applications.

Ensure back-up power and avoid costly downtime
xStorage Buildings can provide you with energy if the grid fails, thereby ensuring that critical systems keep running and allowing you to avoid costly downtime.
Peak shaving

xStorage Buildings stores energy from the grid during off-peak times or when renewable energy is available and releases it during peak times so that you don’t exceed your maximum demand, thereby allowing you to reduce cost through self-consumption.


Increase renewable self-consumption

xStorage Buildings stores renewable energy when the sun is shining or wind turbines are in action, in order to use it morning, noon and night.


Load shifting

xStorage Buildings can help you manage your electricity, ensuring that energy will be released to provide for higher loads when demand increases. It can also be pre-programmed to manage loads during normal times when load changes are inevitable, and at times when grid electricity prices are highest.


Take part in frequency regulation

xStorage Buildings can store energy and release it to the grid for frequency regulation and to contribute to the stability of the grid.


Participate in demand-response programmes
xStorage Buildings can store and release energy when required, thereby enabling you to take part in demand-response programmes.