Our beliefs

As a sustainable, socially responsible company, we believe that different perspectives drive innovative ideas. And your contribution matters.

A diverse workforce that reflects our marketplace and communities

Diversity takes many forms. When it comes to this topic, we may think in terms of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, physical ability and sexual orientation. We also value differing styles of working and thinking. And we look for diversity in the structure of our teams, which can span different levels at Eaton, involving multiple functions, businesses and even geographies.

Our customers are located in virtually every country in the world. And we build skilled, high-performing teams who represent the diversity of our customers. Our reputation for innovative solutions and products depends on it.  

We believe this outlook helps us attract, retain and engage top talent around the world.

Our promise

We believe that inclusive behaviors drive innovation and growth and:

  • Make Eaton a great place to work because the uniqueness of each individual is valued
  • Enable the development of high-performing teams that deliver results
  • Give our stakeholders confidence that they are engaging with a sustainable, socially responsible company
Two-thirds of our Board of Directors represent diverse groups
Two-thirds of our Board of Directors represent diverse groups
iERG participants in 60 countries
iERG participants in 60 countries
in business with diverse suppliers in 2020
in business with diverse suppliers in 2020

Inclusion in action

Diversity drives innovation: A production manager realized that women were underrepresented in the assembly area of a production line. After conducting a line-balancing exercise, the process was streamlined and made safer for everyone. The number of women in the assembly area doubled and overall productivity improved.

Inclusion and diversity is more than accepting and including people of   different beliefs, generations, gender or race. The correct application of these concepts helps us innovate, increase employee involvement and achieve our business objectives.

Manuel Villarreal, Continuous Improvement and Production Manager

Supplier diversity

We believe that by providing equal opportunities for diverse enterprises to compete for our business, both Eaton and our communities benefit. We do business with more than 1,700 minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned and Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) suppliers.

Diversity begins at the top with our Board of Directors

Our pledge to be inclusive in our business practices and within our work environments begins with our Board members, who jointly oversee all corporate activities and targets. Our Board of Directors and CEO monitor the progress of the diversity goals which are established by a Global Inclusion Council.

Our Board is made up of professionals of differing age, gender, ethnicity, cultural background and experience, who bring unique viewpoints to their governance work.