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A world dependent on connectivity and electrification needs trusted environments. To advance cybersecurity, we bring together experts from around the world to weigh in on what strategies are working, what can be done better and what will be required to support a more secure tomorrow.

Cybersecurity Perspectives is a global forum and educational program designed to help advance Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) cybersecurity by combining best practices and direct experiences with leading-edge research and development. Register today to gain insights from our experts, partners and customers on how you can better manage risk to support a more cybersecure future.  

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Securing healthcare infrastructures – devices and systems

Brought to you in partnership with UL, Eaton’s new course is valuable for anyone responsible for designing, maintaining and securing smarter, more automated healthcare infrastructures to protect crucial data, OT networks and life-saving medical devices from compromise.


Rahul Gupta: global business manager for Cybersecurity, UL

John Krzeszewski: engineering manager Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Eaton

Attend our new course and live Question & Answer session,
Securing healthcare infrastructure – devices and systems 
June 29th at 18:30 p.m. (GMT+5:30)

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Online education and training sessions

Attend online classes, complete with professional development hours from Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP) for select technical training.

  • Cybersecurity in business, applications and markets sessions: Examine how to integrate cybersecurity into existing production and maintenance routines.
  • Advanced technical cybersecurity sessions: Dig deep into the integral processes and technologies needed to bring dependable products to market. 

Expert-led panel discussions

Discover today’s security trends and explore the strategies you can implement right now to manage cybersecurity risk.

  • Protecting lloT and Endpoint Security: Eaton and industry experts from Microsoft, Payatu and Synopsys discuss the advanced technologies slated to safeguard workflows on connected networks. 
  • Global Cybersecurity Standards: Eaton alongside cybersecurity codes and standards leaders from IEC, ISA GCA and UL delve into the importance of having a global standard and conformance assessment for validating connected products..

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