Grid automation system solutions

Eaton’s technology allows our customers to transform, protect, connect and build an electric power system backbone. Smart apparatus – voltage regulators, capacitors, reclosers, switchgear, smart sensors and controls – integrated with enterprise-level software and secure communications, enable our customers to increase productivity, optimize asset efficiency, improve system reliability and reduce costs. 

Improve reliability, productivity and energy efficiency

Eaton’s Smart Grid solutions provide utilities with the technology they need to build, transform, protect and connect their electric power system backbone. Integrated with enterprise-level software and secure communications, our comprehensive range of smart apparatus are designed to bolster productivity, optimize efficiency, improve system reliability and reduce costs. From the ability to monitor assets to automate meter reading to detect system disturbances, Eaton solutions help utilities plan, commission and develop successful programs that save money, improve performance, reduce maintenance and enhance safety.

Empower your applications with high-quality data

Eaton's GridAdvisor optical medium-voltage and current sensor system uses an all-optical measurement platform for unparalleled accuracy and precision of both voltage and current across multiple voltage classes. Available in a variety of easy-to-install packages with a standardized interface, Eaton’s optical sensors are the ideal solution to retrieve real-time site metrology and intelligence on today’s electrical distribution system, substations and underground distribution locations.

Faster restoration for better system performance

Eaton's Yukon Feeder Automation (YFA) software leverages real-time data to detect distribution system disturbances and automatically reconfigure the system for significant reliability improvement.

Easily integrate to an automation platform

Eaton’s substation-grade SMP distributed I/O platforms are specially designed to meet the requirement for distributed I/O in modern utility substation automation systems. Both SMP distributed I/O platforms support binary inputs and binary outputs, as well as analog inputs. They operate with AC or DC voltage, and communicate using the DNP3 protocol over serial RS-485 or TCP/IP using fiber or copper Ethernet. Both platforms, the SMP I/O and the SMP IO-2230, can be integrated with the SMP Gateway or used as standalone I/O modules that connect directly to a DNP3 master station.

Increase productivity with a future-proof, substation-grade automation system

Eaton's SMP Gateway combines all the functions required by modern automation systems including innovative functionality, high reliability and scalability in a single powerful package. In addition to providing data concentrator, protocol translator and logic processor functions, the SMP Gateway features an integrated HMI and facilitates secure remote access for maintenance to substation and field devices, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.