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Shop monitor unit for addressable fire systems

The shop monitor unit is designed to enable small units with conventional fire detection to be fully integrated with a main addressable fire system. 

This unit is ideal for applications such as connecting individual shop units into a main shopping centre system. An external power supply is required to drive the two conventional sounder circuits. This power supply must be regulated for fire and current limited.

An extensive range of interfaces are available to support the Eaton range of control panels, providing solutions for most design requirements. 

Plug and play
No hard addressing required
Monitored inputs
Monitored for open, short circuits and earth contact faults
Intelligent system
Includes output changover contacts

Providing the flexibility that shopping centres demand

Over the course of many years shopping centres and their individual retail units evolve as businesses come and go.

For fire alarm systems this can represent a significant challenge as the use of space changes, the system must also change to match new demands.

Interfaces allow for a variety of installations to be simplified without the use of specialist or customised equipment, making it simple to expand fire alarm systems with existing wiring.

The shop monitor unit empowers building owners to maximise the functionality and flexibility of retail units with the ability to connect individual units to a larger central system. The intelligent device can connect an unlimited number of call points as well as up to 20 detectors. Call points can also be connected with detectors on the detector zone if preferred.

Shopping centre and single retail unit

Simple integration of conventional devices onto a addressable fire system

Providing 2 conventional sounder circuits, the unit accepts a zone of Eaton conventional detectors and a zone of conventional call points. The 2 sounder circuits enable small conventional fire detection units to be integrated with a main addressable fire system.

Flexibility not limited to the shop

The shop monitor can be used for more than just shopping centres. The unit is ideal for large buildings or installations with subunits.

Designed to ease the process of expanding your addressable system, the monitor provides flexibility to be used in airports, office blocks and even sports stadiums.

Connect to Eaton's range of market leading conventional devices

Not only does the shop monitor unit provide the flexibility to extend or alter the fire device arrangement depending on the circumstance, it also enables the use of Eaton's range of market-leading conventional fire alarm devices including one of the first resettable call points and our range of visual alarm devices.

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