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SVX9000 variable frequency drives

Thanks to its sturdy design, the SVX9000 is an all-purpose drive for all standard applications. This makes it the ideal choice for simple as well as more complex applications, and for all standard machine, building and industrial applications. Thanks to its flexible application settings, the SVX9000 can be adapted to specific customer needs, making it suitable for virtually all control tasks involving induction motors. This includes applications with multiple motors or multiple pumps running in parallel. The sturdy design ensures effective protection against power supply disturbances. In addition, the sophisticated motor control system and the effective protective features ensure the reliable operation of both motor and drive.

Single drive and multi-drive
Peak torque
up to 200 %
Ambient temperature range
-10°C to +50°C without derating

Core features

  •  I/O expansion via plug-in modules (5 slots, 3 of which can be freely assigned)
  • Optional fieldbus interfaces (CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP, Profinet, DeviceNet, LonWorks)
  •  PID control and power factor correction (PFC) for 1 to 5 pumps
  •  Programmable start and application wizard for easy configuration
  • Multi-monitoring display for monitoring up to 3 different values simultaneously
  • V/Hz control with boost and slip compensation
  •  Dynamic open loop vector control
  •  Internal braking chopper available up to size 9 (compact design)

Versatile use across a wide range of applications

The SVX9000 frequency inverters are suitable for use in both simple and complex applications, such as pump, fan and conveyor systems. An integrated help function simplifies the configuration of the drive.

Perfect protection for reliable operation

Available with IP21 (NEMA1) and IP54 (NEMA12) degree of protection, the compact enclosures feature an integrated RFI filter for added safety. The two overload models (150 % and 110 %) protect the application against standstill in an emergency, while the integrated chokes and EMC filters provide effective protection against any power supply disturbances.

9000XDrive configuration software

With the 9000XDrive software, configuration is easy. Users can upload and download drive parameters, as well as modifying, storing and uploading them to any number of drives. It is also possible to print out parameters or to compare them with preset values to determine the drive configuration. User-defined functions allow operators to set reference values, start and stop the drive, and monitor signals as well as real-time values. These values can be displayed graphically, which simplifies the configuration process.

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