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ETR4/ETR2 timing relays

The ETR timing relays from the Eaton Moeller series offer a wide variety of timing functions that meet the needs of any application. The large number of possible solutions allows for flexible planning, while the comprehensive approvals mean that the devices can be used anywhere in the world. Both single-function and multi-function relays are available, in line with the needs of the application at hand. The large functional scope (up to 10 functions for the multi-function models) ensures that all important tasks are covered by a single device, which also minimises inventory.

Suitable for global use:
DIN EN 61812-1 with UL/CSA approvals
Time intervals:
Can be precisely set, from 0.05 s to 100 h
Timing relays:
Switching that’s precisely timed and economical

Core features


  • 10 functions in a single device
  • Multi-voltage version with 24 V to 240 V AC/DC
  • Single-voltage version with 400 V AC
  • DIN EN 61812-1 with UL/CSA approvals

A proven and established design

The ETR4 timing relays are based on Eaton’s range of measuring, monitoring and safety relays, which ensures optimum use of space and a uniform design inside the control panel.

Safe and reliable – ETR2 timing relays

The ETR2 is a compact timing relay for use in distribution boards.

Exact time settings across a large range

Whether they’re used for short signal extensions or extremely long processes, the multi-range timing relays offer precise intervals from 0.05 seconds to 100 hours.

Universal applications

The ETR timing relays offer maximum reliability across a broad range of applications, from conveyor belts to fan controls and escalator control systems.
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