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Memera full metal consumer units

The stylish range of Memera full metal consumer units have been designed to comply with BSEN 61439-3 and BS7671 Amendment 3 IET wiring regulations. The range includes both single and dual rail units accommodating up to 38 outgoing ways in various configurations to meet all possible application needs. 

Complementing the range is an extensive array of devices including MCBs, RCBOs RCDs and DIN rail mountable control and switching devices. 

In order to comply with the requirements of BS7671 for the inclusion of AFDD’s when deemed necessary, Eaton can provide a range of AFDD installation accessory kits to simplify the fitting of these devices into our Memera metal consumer units along with other protective devices as required.

in compliance with BS7671:2018
BS EN 61439-3
non-combustible material

Core features

  • Full compliance with BS EN 61439-3
  • Full metal enclosure to meet requirements of BS7671 Amendment 3 regulation 421.1.201
  • Sturdy steel enclosure with ample cable entry knockouts to accommodate cable entry from top, bottom or rear face
  • Multiple large apertures in rear face of enclosure to allow flexible cable entry from the rear
  • Snapable busbars enabling easy on-site configuration
  • Dual RCCB units come with three Neutral bars as standard for High Integrity configuration
  • Comprehensive label kit to complete the installation
  • Polyester powder-coated paint finish colored pure white (RAL 9010) which complies with industry standards for low smoke density, flame propagation and toxic fume emission
  • Flush mounting and dual rail variants will also be available up to 38 outgoing ways

Compliant with IET wiring regulations - 18th Edition

The Eaton range of full metal consumer units provide a suite of products to meet the requirements of BS7671:2018 - 18th Edition IET wiring regulations. Todays 18th edition consumer units incorporate an enclosure manufactured from non-combustible material, i.e. a full metal enclosure.

External features and benefits

  • Full front modern aesthetic curved edge metal door
  • High quality clear sub circuit identification labels
  • Door catch for added security which can be removed and replaced with key locking device
  • Top hinge design so that it cannot be inadvertently left open
  • Cover secured by means of retained combination head screws
  • Robust design manufactured in IP30
  • Comprehensive user instructions
Memera full metal consumer unit lid up
Memera full metal consumer units open

Internal features and benefits

  • Neutral bars as standard for flexible configuration of dual RCD units
  • Neutral and earth bars fully rated at 100 A
  • Distinct wiring zones for easier and neater installation
  • Busbars supplied lose for onsite final configuration
  • Freely configurable RCD ways on split load / dual RCD boards
  • Clip-on busbar shield providing complete shrouding of live busbars
  • Ample wiring space across the full length of the busbar
  • Easy removal of knockouts from inside of the unit
  • Flush mounted
  • Surface mounted

In accordance with BS7671, installation of these units should use proper materials and follow good workmanship and industry practices.

The correct use of grommets, grommet strip or glands should be considered to minimise the risk of damage arising from mechanical stress or damage to wiring where it enters the metal enclosure. In addition, the horizontal top surface of the consumer unit if readily accessible shall provide a degree of protection of at least IPXXD or IP3X. 

Eaton's Memera range of full metal consumer units was designed for both domestic and light commercial applications where a more robust metal enclosure is needed. 

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