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Firefighter's paging microphone for DAU500 PAVA system

The desktop/wall mounted microphone station (EF-FMTC) with touchscreen panel has been designed for use with the DAU500 voice alarm system. It can address up to 255 zones and trigger every source or message available in the entire system. It features gooseneck microphone for general paging and a separate, fully monitored fireman microphone.

The EF-FMTC desktop microphone offers dual mode operation: paging mode (fireman’s door closed), where only general messages and paging features are available; emergency mode (fireman’s door open), where emergency messages and fireman’s microphone is available.

The microphone is connected to L-Net interface of DAU500 panel and may be daisy-chained with more L-Net devices. It is dedicated for call points where both general purpose paging and emergency evacuation management is necessary. Fault monitoring and EVAC functionality are included, making it suitable as an emergency microphone.

Can address up to a 255 zones
Dual operation
Paging or emergency mode possible
Touch screen
Easy access to status information

Demanding voice alarm project? The DAU500 system is easy to tailor.

Whether you need to tailor your public address and voice alarm system requirements to a single building or across a site, the DAU500 system can be adapted to suit these requirements making it flexible for new projects or system extension.

Compact 500 PAVA system with radial and loop fire microphones

Connect & communicate easily

The DAU500 panel connects to fire fighter's microphone EF-FMWB and desktop microphones EF-FMTC for ease of communication. 


Extend your PAVA system

The DAU500 voice alarm system can be extended by 6 lines per multiplexer (EF-HEXAPOD6). Three multiplexers per EFDAU500 panel is advised. 


Expand your network

You can connect up to 254 DAU500 panels per network. With its versatility, it's easy to adapt your public address and voice alarm system to suit your requirements.

Emergency situation? Unfamiliar surrroundings? Get the message through!

The evacuation of a commercial building can be triggered by a growing array of potential threats, including fire, acts of terrorism or extreme weather. With the growing number of busy, complicated or unfamiliar buildings, the process of guiding people to safety is becoming increasingly complex. Public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems are key to giving clear messages that guide individuals to safety, which is why they are an essential part in evacuation planning today.

Design a voice alarm system to suit your building's requirements

The EF-FMWB desktop microphone is just part of the DAU500 voice alarm system. The system comes with a variety of optional components and accessories. This means that you can easily tailor the system to meet the requirements of your current and future projects, whether the system you need is for a single building, across a site, either centralised or distributed.  

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