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VoCALL roaming emergency voice handset and jack plate

The VoCALL roaming handset is a portable phone that can be plugged into various VoCALL jack plate points across a building as part of a wider emergency voice communication system installation. 

When used together, the roaming handset and jack plate form a type A outstation, compatible with all other parts of the analogue VoCALL emergency voice communication system. Jack plates should be mounted at appropriate areas across a building to provides flexibility of communication during an emergency evacuation.

The option of using roaming handsets is only available in some country fire codes and provide a cheaper alternative for installing fire telephones in high rise buildings.

Roaming phone & jack plate create Type A outstation
Suitable for use with all analogue VoCALL systems
Telecoil for hearing impaired users

Where can roaming handsets be used?

Roaming handsets are suitable for emergency voice communication (EVC) system installations in countries whose fire codes allow. They are ideal for use in commercial buildings in the Middle East and the Far East. We advise you to check the fire regulations for EVC systems for your country.

Why must I have a disabled refuge emergency voice communication system?

Risk assessments of new buildings must make provision for means of escape of disabled people in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. Building Regulations dictate new non-domestic buildings with 1+ stories provide ‘refuge’ areas – relatively safe places where people who cannot easily escape can call for assistance and wait for help. Simple two-way communication in these areas is essential, to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is needed and to reassure people help is coming.

Lead the way to safe evacuation with 2-way communication

Have you considered all lines of communication that are needed as part of your emergency voice communication (EVC) system plan? What about those who need special consideration, who are mobility impaired or have a disability? The roaming handset and jack plate offer an additional line of 2-way communication and act as a Type A outstation, giving you additional flexibility in EVC system design.

VoCALL - Trusted emergency communications system for projects large or small

VoCALL suits all sizes of installation from one and two outstation systems in small shops like Bon Marche, to a massive 364 line dual network system at Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City.

Over the years VoCALL has been installed on several high profile projects in some of the world’s most prestigious sites, from Wimbledon AELTCC and St Pancras stations in the UK to the Marina Towers and Jumeirah Tunnel in the Middle East.

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