Eaton LED innovations light the Yas Hotel

Bringing the cultural and technological wonders of Abu Dhabi to light.

The striking Yas Viceroy Hotel is the centerpiece of the $36 billion Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, spanning both the island’s marina and the F1 racetrack. A feat of imagination, design and engineering, it was inspired by the speed and spectacle of racing, as well as the aesthetics and geometries of ancient Islamic art. For Eaton, having the opportunity to help light this impressive building, was equally inspiring.

An incredible landmark designed to withstand a challenging landscape.

Created and conceived to be an architectural landmark, this massive modern hotel consists of two, twelve-story towers, one set within the race circuit and another placed in the Marina itself. A monocoque of steel and glass bridge links the two towers together, crossing over both the Yas Marina and F1 racetrack.

The hallmark of the Yas Viceroy is its dramatic cover—a 217-meter curvilinear expanse of glass and steel dubbed the “grid shell.” The near constant sun in Abu Dhabi reflects elegantly off the gridshell panels during the day, creating a smooth snakeskin-like appearance. To turn the grid-shell into a breathtaking architectural display at night required a unique solution.

Each of the glass panels would need its own light source that could produce a full spectrum of color and be dynamically controlled to create infinite variations in lighting effects. In addition, the light fittings would have another challenge to overcome—the harsh conditions of the Abu Dhabi desert. With temperatures reaching over 40°C and winds up to 120 km/h, the luminaires had to be able to handle this harsh environment.

Video: Solving key electrical power management challenges.

LEDs perform on command. And inspire awe for miles around.

With the combined effort of Arup Lighting, an awe-inspiring LED lighting solution was designed to set the stage for any event under the grid shell.

Built to perform flawlessly on command, our engineers devised a custom LED lighting system that integrates a video feed with 5,800 pivoting, color-changing LED glass panes. Five micro-prismatic controllers were built to address the design’s nuanced pane placement and angles to ensure both precision performance and consistent illumination regardless of extreme desert temperatures.

Eaton’s unique LED lighting system transformed the Yas into a world wonder with a sophisticated, vast color palette. And the awe-inspiring unveiling at Abu Dhabi’s inaugural Grand Prix was met with unanimous amazement.

Blending technological achievement and cultural heritage.

Today, the Yas Viceroy Hotel stands out as a celebration of Abu Dhabi’s unique blend of technological achievements and its cultural heritage. At Eaton, we’re proud to have played a role in bringing this brilliant showcase to light.


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