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Today’s digital and IT technologies, alongside changing market and functional safety standards, continuously pose new challenges for engineering departments. Product updates and functional improvements also add to the day-to-day workload. Rely on the support of experienced experts to make project times shorter, reduce overall costs and create a spirit of progress and motivation across your team.   

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Understanding the application and the challenge

When working on a machinery project, the first things you have to understand are the application at hand and the challenge it presents. Are you looking for better process data and transparency? Or do you want to improve machine performance and reduce energy consumption? Our customer service team is at your disposal to support your upcoming project. And our engineering teams will then recommend a solution and support you all the way from design and programming through to integration and start up. 

Reducing production and supply chain costs

Once your machinery project is engineered, the supply chain has to be set up for production. The supply chain is an important factor for achieving all production goals, including the time and cost targets. Our value-added services team members are experts in finding the right solutions to optimise your total supply chain from purchase and delivery to production. Labelling and special packing solutions help improve material flow. Pre-assembled and customised product modules can simplify production. And more.

Functional safety, tools and documentation

Get access to functional safety assets, tools and configurators, the download section for the latest product software and firmware, or our online catalogue for the machine-building industry

How can the implementation of the right functional safety level be simplified?

In many applications, safety functions such as emergency stop, safe power-off and safe torque-off for drives are essential to avoid damage to operators and assets. To facilitate the implementation of functionally safe machines, we have developed a guideline for the  product selection and design of safe circuits. All the information presented in the guide has been verified and approved by the relevant bodies.


Software tools and configurators

XSpyder replaces CurveSelect




Designing electrical machines requires a lot of calculation for a seamless operation. To allow system designers to focus on this important job, we provide a number of tools and configurators to facilitate the electrical part of the engineering process: our selectivity calculators, the drive, pushbutton and motor starter configurators, as well as the energy-efficiency estimator all help engineers find the best components for their application - quickly and easily.


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